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First of all, we should look at our own 500,000 yuan as spare funds (which will not be used for normal living expenses, it is called spare funds). Or is there so much money in the account at present, and the difference between the two is different, so it is different for investment. If you are ready to make an investment, you should first consider which aspect you are interested in, and which aspect you have certain awareness and experience. High-risk investment is not suitable for everyone, such as trading (stocks, futures, foreign exchange), which requires higher technical and knowledge. People without this experience are not 

Best online investment company  hi no 第1张recommended to enter the market blindly. At present, those with small risks and relatively large profits in the market are also concerned about film and television. At present, the policy encourages institutions and individuals to invest in film and television, and specific details can be actively exchanged. For example, in Operation Red Sea, the 5% investment ratio announced by Jebsen shares and the box office share of 60 million are calculated, which is equivalent to the box office share of 12 million for every 1% shares. In addition, a Sichuan investor behind the film "Action in the Red Sea" invested 10% and eventually attracted 120 million yuan, with a return rate of 240%.

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