You must enter the venture capital box

1. At present, the general Bai way of VC and PE recruitment is Du:

You must enter the venture capital box Capital 第1张

2. The first choice is "skilled hands" with experience (especially successful experience) in the industry;

3. Secondly, overseas returnees Dao in related industries;

4. Thirdly, they should study similar majors (such as finance) and have relevant qualifications;

5. There are also people who can bring strong enough contacts, such as those with strong financing ability

6. If you don't rely on it, then try your luck with some smaller VC or PE, and pay close attention to these industries

7. Recruitment information of the organization

8. Another idea may help:

Last year, more than 200 RMB funds were set up in China, and many prefecture level cities have set up venture capital funds. Make a good analysis and see if there is any opportunity in this

1. Please read the questionnaire carefully, understand the scoring rules, and confirm that the content is true.

2. according to the risk tolerance level of investors, the company checks and prompts whether the investment behaviors of investors match. The results of this survey do not constitute investment suggestions for investors or have a substantial impact on investors' investment decisions.

3. Investment has risks, which may lead to losses for investors. Investors are requested to check their risk tolerance and fund product risk matching according to the survey results. Whether investors invest according to the survey results or not, it is an independent behavior of investors and the corresponding risks are borne by investors independently.

4. Ten questions were designed in this questionnaire, with 5 alternative answers for each question. The scores were 2,4,6,8,10. The higher the score of investors, the stronger the risk tolerance of investors.

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