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As a new investment industry, the development of venture capital industry in China is restricted by many factors: short development history, weak theoretical research, imperfect government support measures and so on. Generally speaking, the domestic venture capital industry is still in the exploratory period. With the sustained, stable and high-speed economic growth and the gradual improvement of the capital market, the domestic venture capital market has shown a strong growth trend. The following is an introduction to the top ranking of Chinese venture capital companies. China's venture capital companies are ranked as follows: 1. DCM Capital DCM, full name Delta Capital Markets Ltd, Daisheng Capital, established in 2006, is a global online financial derivatives trader. In 2010, the company belonged to DCM Group Holdings Ltd and achieved rapid development. In order to better serve Chinese investors around the world, DCM Group Holdings Ltd set up Delta Capital Markets Ltd. (New Zealand), a new branch of DCM in early 2012, which was supervised by FSP, the financial services regulator of New Zealand, with FSP supervision number 211425. At the same time, in order to ensure the financial security of all customers, DCM Daisheng Capital actively joined FDR, a New Zealand financial institution, which provided every investor with a financial guarantee of NZ $200,000. 2. Softbank China Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (Japan's Masayoshi Son Capital, invested in Alibaba, Shanda and other companies) Softbank Safran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is a leading Asian investment enterprise headquartered in Hong Kong, with branches in China, India and South Korea. SoftBank Safran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. has invested nearly 2 billion US dollars. Softbank Safran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. covers several high-growth sectors, including consumer goods & services, technology, media, telecommunications, financial services, health care, travel and tourism, and manufacturing. SoftBank Safran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is committed to serving China, India, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Investment teams are concentrated in Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin), India (Hyderabad, New Delhi), and South Korea (Seoul). The investment team formed by SoftBank Safran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. has rich investment experience. And is proud of its firm partnership with cooperative enterprises. 3. China IDG Capital IDG Capital (IDGCapitalPartners, formerly IDGVC) started venture capital in China in 1993, and was one of the first international investment institutions to enter China. By 2013, IDG Capital has supported more than 300 small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises in China, among which more than 70 enterprises have been listed or acquired in China and overseas markets, bringing infinite potential to China's market economy. 4. Northern Lights Venture Capital

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Northern Lights Venture Capital (NLVC) is a venture capital company with Chinese concept, focusing on technology-driven business opportunities in the early and growing period. The business opportunity it aims at is to use China's advantages in industry, economy and human resources to create enterprises with unique personality and sustainable development in the global economy. Northern Lights manages 3 USD funds and 3 RMB funds, with total assets of 1 billion USD. The investment institutions of Northern Lights Venture Capital come from the first-class university endowment funds, sovereign funds, family funds, charitable funds and the best domestic parent funds with government background. Northern Lights has invested in nearly 100 companies in high-tech, new media, communication (TMT), clean technology, consumption and health care. 5. Morningside Capital Morningside Venture Capital began to invest in high-tech, media, communication and life science and technology projects in Chinese mainland in 1992. Since Morningside Group was founded in 1986, Morningside Venture Capital has devoted itself to helping start-up and growth-oriented high-tech enterprises, not only providing entrepreneurs with long-term venture capital, but also providing them with management support. Entrepreneurs can also share Morningside Group's global business network and partners. Adhering to the localization principle of Morningside Group, Morningside Venture Capital has an excellent professional investment management team in China. 6. Dachen Venture Capital Shenzhen Dachen Venture Capital Co., Ltd., established in April 2000, is the first batch of domestic venture capital institutions established according to market operation. Since its establishment 12 years ago, the company has focused on four major investment fields: cultural media, consumer services, modern agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection. With its rigorous investment attitude, professional investment philosophy, outstanding innovation spirit and excellent investment performance, it has become one of the top enterprises in China's venture capital industry, and has been elected as the vice-president unit of the Venture Capital Professional Committee of China Investment Association, the vice-president unit of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association and the vice-president unit of Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce. At present, Dachen Venture Capital has a management capital of RMB 11 billion, and nearly 180 investment enterprises have accumulated, among which 27 enterprises have succeeded in IPO, and 9 enterprises have withdrawn through enterprise merger or repurchase. 7. sequoia capital china Sequoia Capital was established in Silicon Valley in 1972. Over 30 years after its establishment, Sequoia, as the first institutional investor, has invested in many innovative and trend-leading companies such as Apple, Google, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, etc. In China, Sequoia Capital's China team currently manages about US$ 2 billion of overseas funds and nearly RMB 4 billion of domestic funds for investing in high-growth enterprises in China. Sequoia China's investment portfolio includes, Alibaba Group,, Vipshop,, noah wealth, Gaode Software, Le, Qihoo 360, Ganzhao Optoelectronics, Focus Technology, Public Comment Network, China Linong Group, Village-based Catering,, Bona Film and Television, Kaifeng Pharmaceutical, Qinchuan Machine Tool, Happy Purchase, Mongolian Grass Drought Resistance, Peak Sports, etc. As "entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs", Sequoia China team is helping many Chinese entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

8. Today Capital Today Capital is an international investment fund focusing on the Chinese market. At present, today's capital manages 1.5 billion dollars of funds independently, mainly from famous investment institutions such as British government funds and the World Bank. As a highly localized international investment fund team, our members have rich investment and operation experience, which can make investment decisions quickly and help enterprises break through bottlenecks and grow rapidly.

9. Jingwei China Jingwei Be officially established, China in 2008, managed five funds with a total value of about US$ 1.3 billion. Jingwei China focuses on investment fields including mobile social networking, trading platform, O2O, e-commerce, intelligent hardware, Internet education, vertical community, culture, medical care and Internet finance. Up to now, Jingwei has invested in more than 220 companies in China. Star companies include Momo, Kuai, Pocket Shopping, Looking for Steel Net, Hungry, Hunting Net, nice, 36, Cheetah Mobile, Qi Niu, Qingyun, e-driver, e-bag washing, staged music, baby tree, hot mom, beautiful pomelo, camera360, building blocks, and question bank

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