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Internet auto finance has become a hot spot for investment and financing, but it also faces bottlenecks and problems such as lack of credit information system and lack of data in big data risk control. In fact, it does not look so beautiful

Capital Auto Finance auto finance 第1张With the update of Intelligent technology and the continuous upgrading of consumption, China's automobile Industry development is rapid, which gives rise to great potential of Internet automobile finance. Since the beginning of this year, the Internet auto finance platform has been favored by many capitals, and the total amount of financing has exceeded 13 billion yuan. However, while Internet auto finance has become a hot spot for investment and financing, it also faces bottlenecks and problems such as the lack of credit information system and the lack of data in big data risk control. Favored by many capitals according to statistics, from the beginning of this year to the present, a total of 16 Internet auto finance platforms have completed financing, of which 10 platforms have received financing of over 100 million yuan, and Yixin Finance, which is strategically invested by Tencent, Jingdong and SF, has a financing of up to 4 billion yuan; The first car loan completed two financing projects totaling 500 million yuan in one month, and the second-hand car of melon seeds completed the B round financing of 400 million dollars. Internet auto finance is favored by capital. One reason is that on August 24 last year, many ministries and commissions jointly issued the Interim Measures for the Management of Business Activities of Information Intermediaries in peer-to-peer lending, which requires that online loan assets must be small and scattered. According to Lu Yuquan, CEO of the car, the Internet auto finance platform has the characteristics of small amount of dispersion and clear property rights, which makes it a financial product with great development potential. Internet auto finance has broad development space. By the end of 2016, the number of cars in China had reached 194 million, and the trading of new and used cars had been running at a high level. At the same time, the penetration rate of domestic auto finance is still significantly lower than the international level. "Car finance is profitable. Many platforms are trying to promote self-operated finance, instead of relying solely on trading spreads to make profits, they will increase profit points through insurance, finance, after-sales and other links. The scale of China's auto finance market can reach 2 trillion yuan, and the penetration rate of consumer finance will increase to 50%. The future prospects can be imagined. " Chen Pengyun, founder of Peanut Car, said. Internet auto finance platform also provides an important choice for new car retailing. Chen Pengyun believes that the slogan of automobile e-commerce has been shouted for many years, including the road of new car sales from car home to Easy Car, which can be said to have ended in failure. In the final analysis, it despises the strength of traditional automobile channels.

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