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First, understand the expected benefits and risks of products. The expected rate of return of bank wealth management products is only an estimated value, not the final rate of return. Moreover, the oral publicity of the bank does not represent the content of the contract, and the contract is the most standardized agreement on wealth management products. In the current market environment, investors need to read the product specifications carefully when purchasing bank wealth management products, and don't expect too much profit from wealth management products. In addition, there are many kinds of bank wealth management products with different investment directions, so investors should be aware of various risks that may arise from wealth management products, and try not to buy wealth management products with complex design and unable to accurately judge risks. Second, attach importance to the linked target of products. Investors must know something about the linked targets when choosing bank wealth management products, because if investors misjudge the future trend of the linked targets of the purchased products, they will fall into the dilemma of zero or even negative returns. Under normal circumstances, structured wealth management products linked to stocks, funds, indexes or commodities are mostly high-risk investments, and banks may design them as capital preservation floating income products or partial capital preservation products, but investors need to identify the risks hidden in them to see if the structural design of the products is reasonable and whether they can achieve profitability. Third, pay attention to the redemption conditions and deadlines of products. Some bank wealth management products are not allowed to be redeemed in advance. Although some bank wealth management products can be redeemed in advance, they can only be redeemed at a specific time and need to pay redemption fees; Some bank wealth management products have capital preservation clauses, but the premise is that the products must expire, and investors may lose the principal if they redeem them in advance. In addition, the term of bank wealth management products is long and short. If the product structure of some long-term bank wealth management products is good, even if there is a loss now, it is entirely possible to turn losses into profits when the market improves in the future.

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