Fuda foreign exchange transaction

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Chuangtong Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was established in December 2018 with a registered paid-in capital of RMB 50 million. It is an integrated financial enterprise that integrates financial services, fund management, equity investment, asset management, and entity project investment. Strategic partners include Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, China Merchants Securities, Guoxin Securities, Sichuan Trust, Yunnan Trust and many other cooperative banks and brokerage financial institutions. With years of investment experience in the financial industry, customer-centered, adhering to the service tenet of professionalism, honesty, caring and win-win, and the business philosophy of honesty, win-win, high efficiency and professionalism, the company has won high recognition from customers and partners, closely combined with the financial market environment and user needs, continuously strengthened the Innovation capacity, improved the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and committed to creating a safe, professional and reliable investment platform for users, so that everyone can know how to invest and realize wealth through asset allocation.

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Guangzhou Chuangtong Enterprise Management is committed to building a new Internet stock allocation financial platform with community-based securities investment as its core. Provide investors with personalized financial products, and make your wealth realize real value. Through persistent product innovation and service optimization, we can creatively meet the financial management needs of investors, provide investors with personalized financial products, and make profits within reach.

Committed to providing the most convenient and safe service for our customers; Everything is for the customer, for all the specialties of the customer: integrate effective resources, learn from successful cases, improve the professional level, and build an elite team.Growth: Maintain rapid development, strive to achieve win-win results, and let customers, employees and enterprises grow together.

Enthusiasm: keep working enthusiasm, actively face challenges, dare to climb the peak, and pursue excellent quality

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